An Heroic Legend Story – Easter Homework Y3

I know that the children in Year 3 have been busy planning and drafting out their stories based on the Epic poem Beowulf. I’d like you to share those now on this blog remember to apply all the things we’ve practised in class.

1. Use superlatives (big, bigger, biggest) to ‘brag’ about the hero.

2. Inside:Outside techniques to describe different settings

3. Powerful verbs to describe the movements of your monster!

Please add positive comments about your classmates stories too! I can’t wait to read them..


  1. Far,far,far away there was a forest. In this forest, animals stood like guards protecting a castle and never daring to go inside. In the heart of the forest there was darkness and wetness. There was a terrifying creature with enormous black eyes and poisoned molars, called the Ultra-Spider. Everybody had just heard about him but not seen him, because the animals had marked the places where it was safe to go. People who went past the animals never ever came back. The only rescue for the people living around the forest was a creature called Wulf Hero whose head was a wolf head with human’s body. His power was being super speedy and he was smart. He lived far away and the people thought they would never meet him. One day, Wulf-Hero set-sailed to the land in the country and people started telling him about the biggest deadly spider in the world. The hero decided to help the people, so they told him where he could find the spider. After he searched the forest, Ultra-Spider pounded onto Wulf-Hero and covered his eyes, so that he wouldn’t see what would happen next. Ultra-Spider luckily was prepared if people came to fight him. Suddenly, the cage Ultra-Spider had created had fell on Wulf-Hero. He knew, he needed to use super speed. He kept on running into the bars and the spider got so dizzy that it fell off. Wylf-Hero quickly grabbed his sword and stabbed the spider in the heart. Now the animals could get on with people , the wood turned into beautiful forest. In a reward Wulf-Hero got free chicken every time he went to a restaurant in the country the spider was destroyed.

    • Hi Hayley, did you have a lovely Easter? In my house we watched Bishop Patrick say Mass at the Cathedral. Then the children were delighted to discover that the Easter bunny had paid our garden a visit. Later, after a lovely lunch, we went for our daily walk to exercise. How was your day?

      Keep your eye on the Year 3 Learning Page, I’m adding interesting links all the time.

  2. Hi everyone, hope you all had a good easter. Your story is really good Daniel, i am writing mine today.

    • Yes Archie, it is. I am really looking forward to reading them all! Remember, you’re painting a picture with words, so choose well. Your success criteria is above!

  3. In a far away land called Sweden there was a deep, dark gloomy forest covered with a blanket of fog. On top of a hill stood a hall that was completely silent as the bright moon shone in the night sky but it was hardly seen by the thickness of the fog. But something dreadfull was in that hall…

    It was the monster Grendel its arms hung with cobwebs its eyes were a blood-shot red and its mouth dripping hungry for lots of delicious blood.He roared through the night time looking for some more blood and no-one dared to stay in the hall that night.But one person dared the monster with his friends at just that nigh a eleven O.clock the monster rose but the brave Beowulf still stayed were he had put him self.Grendel marched towards the castle and ripped the doors open but Leofrick had already been asleep in front of the door!Grendel reached for him but just at that moment, just at that very moment was when Beowulf pounced on to Grendel’s arm, as Beowulf tugged at Grendel’s arm Grendel swiped and slashed but Beowulf refused to let go Grendel thrashed and clashed but Beowulf still didn’t let go and Grendel raored and crashed but Beowulf still just wouldn’t let go until Beowuled somuning all his might teared off Grendel’s as Grendel ran out roaring in pain!Greandel had been defeated! The King rewarded him and his brave (well not very) warriors with gold and silver riches and also a lovely feast the Danes shared stories with the Swedish and she ate together happily but!, something outside was lurking again!

    • Fantastic descriptions Joanna – I had tingles reading this. I love that you have used such powerful verbs to describe the movements!

  4. One misty, cold Monday morning, Mrs Maylard – Mayson was having a coffee in her office , when she received a call from The ‘National Space centre’. They rang to inform her that a spaceship had crashed near BRW school and a strong, scary , hairy monster was on the loose wanting to eat children! Mrs Maylard – Mayson was very worried for all of the children in her school but she knew what she must do to protect her school. Mrs Maylard – Mayson had a secret, her secret was that she had magical super powers! she could fly and could create a magical bubble around things. A few days had passed and the monster hadn’t ben seen, but on Friday 27th March during morning break time, the children were playing and having fun when Mrs Maylard – Mayson noticed something strange looking coming over the field. Her heart pounded and she had heavy, fast breathing but she needed to stay calm and protect everyone . She quickly blew her whistle and asked Miss Ferara if she would take all of the children and teachers into the hall to do a whole school hym practise because she didn’t want any of the children or teachers to see the monster or to see she had super powers. Once everybody was safely in the school Mrs Maylard – Mayson ran bravely towards the space monster. As she got closer she could see how scary the monster really was! It had enormous red, bulging eyes ! It’s ears were pointy like elf ears, it’s body was covered with green and blue spotty fur that was straggly and knotted. It’s teeth were crooked and it had 2 gigantic fangs that were as pointy as iceicles. It stomped and roared at Mrs Maylard – Mayson! Mrs Maylard – Mayson bravely flew high above the space monster and with her hands she shielded the monster in a large bubble, then she gently lifted the bubble, it took all her strength but she managed to do it and then with all her power she flew the space monster all the way to “The National Space centre” She had to fly high above the clouds so that nobody could see them. The space centre were very surprised and grateful they promised to keep Mrs Maylard – Maysons secret. Now it was the space centres job to deal with the space monster and for Mrs Maylard – Mayson to get quickly back to BRW before anybody had noticed she was gone.

    • Wow Archie, a great story. I especially loved your monster’s description – very vivid. I’m sure Mrs Maylard-Mason will be delighted to be the hero of your story too!

    • Archie – I happened to see your story on the blog and I am so impressed (and amused)!
      The description of your monster is terrifying; I love your description of its icicle-like fangs. It also made me laugh that Mrs Maylard-Mason scheduled an emergency Hymn Practice to create a diversion!
      Excellent writing! Keep up the hard work.
      Miss Cotter 🙂

  5. Many years ago, in a dark and mysterious jungle on the edge of the earth there was a cave, this cave was home to a vicious tiger with super sharp teeth and claws like needle, he could run like the wind and always scared the people passing by. In a nearby village there lived a boy named Jake he was a rapid classic jumper and was known as the tiger slayer, one day the tiger slayer heard about the tiger causing trouble so he ran through the dark jungle were he found a deep dark cave blocked by a huge rock.
    It took him some time but finally he moved the rock and entered the cave, he saw the monster for the first time and felt determined to fight. The Tiger crawled and then pounced at the tiger slayer starting the fight, the tiger slayer was ready and grabbed the tigers paw, he jumped as high as he could and pulled the tigers leg off. The hero went back to his town and told everyone that the monster has been defeated, the town cheered and gave him a gold medal to show their gratitude.

    • Some lovely descriptions and use of adjectives. I especially like the phrase ‘on the edge of the earth there was a cave’ Really paints a good picture for the reader.

  6. Our story begins with a determined, strong and super-fast student. His name was Super-Student he lived in a small town. One stormy night something woke up, it was terrifying, creepy and fast… The zombie teacher had awoken. Super-student had heard about the zombie teacher, it terrorised the town 10 years ago before disappearing, he decided to save the town, he journeyed on a black horse through a big dark and wet tunnel but suddenly a large creature stepped in front of him, it was the zombie teacher. The zombie climbed on super-students back to try to bite him, but super-student was too fast and he grabbed the zombies arm and threw it over his shoulder and sprayed it with pain-water that changed it back into a human. Super-Student took the human teacher back to the town and told everyone the good news! Everyone was happy and they gave him a medal for helping the zombie teacher and saving their lives. The End!

    • I like the way you started the story Rio, you set the tone as a story-teller. Then drew the reader in by setting the scene.

  7. The invasion of the spider.
    By Jeremiah

    Once upon a time. In a small town there was a poor family and in that family there was a hero they just didn’t know it yet.but out side of the town there was nothing will survive out there. But the biggest threat of all lives in the deepest darkest parts and will show no mercy! It’s leg’s are as strong as a woolly mammoth. Anyway in the town everyone was doing the same routines like usual and suddenly the 8 leg creature burst into the town square. Oh no one of them said, he’s coming! Run and hide, make sure it doesn’t catch you! Good luck cried the father as the terrifying and tretorous creature at knawed the remains of his leg. Consumed with fear they sprinted as fast as their legs could carry them, meanwhile the creature was eating the last few survivors, one by one. Gasping for air they tried to find a safe escape. On their mission they stumbled other survivor, one of them spoke in a low voice and carried a crossbow. They knew the only way to survive was to kill the beast so they United. They each found a weapon and searched for the beast in anger. They found the creatures nest and waited patiently for its return…

    • Jeremiah, you have used some brilliant phrases… there was a hero, they just didn’t know it yet…consumed with fear…and I love the cliff-hanger ending. I really want to know what happens next?

  8. The brave Scottish hero – by Finley

    A long time ago, there was a young boy who lived in the Scottish highlands. He was trained to fight by his father, the King of the McDougall clan, to defeat their enemies. He was a kind, generous and loyal King. One day, some time after the boy’s father had died a mysterious, magical and magnificent shadow of a man appeared to warn the boy that a strike of lightning would give him awesome, elemental powers. “Poof!” the shadow vanished. The next day, a bolt of lightning drove through the darkened night sky and the boy became Caelan The Brave.
    One day, one of Caelen’s soldiers was heavily wounded by a monstrous, magical and maleficent creature. The monster wore an ominous, black and red hoodie to hide his creepy, boney face. He carried a deadly sword and rode the fiercest dragon in the land. His name was Doom.
    Caelen followed Doom to the pinnacle of Everest where during an intense battle, he used his new elemental powers to defeat him. He used air to throw the monster back into a cave, then melted the ice to create a Tsunami to wash him away and finally buried him deep within the Earth’s core to make sure that Doom was gone forever.
    The dragon was released from his curse and realised that he wasn’t a bad creature after all. Caelen trained him. They became best friends and he and the dragon and went on to fight evil side by side.

    • Wow Finley, I am really impressed (and not just because of the Scottish connection) You have used some great vocabulary and I see this includes some of our own weekly Five Key words such as ominous and pinnacle. It’s good to see you applying what you have learned in class.

      • Once upon a time there was a brave and bold superhero called Spiderman. He wore a blue and red suit with a black spider symbol on his chest and his super power was shooting cobwebs. He lived with his family in a house near a vast city. He was the fastest and coolest superhero.
        One day Spiderman was training and shooting cobwebs and swinging from towering buildings so that he would be ready to fight any crimes. All of a sudden he heard screaming from the other side of the city so he quickly swung to where the noise was coming from. The screams were coming from frightened people being chased by a giant zombie. It was a groaning, grotesque gigantic beast that smelt like rotten eggs and cabbages.
        Spiderman lept into action by making a giant cobweb infront the zombie. The zombie walked into the cobweb and got stuck. Spiderman wrapped more cobwebs around the zombie and dragged it into the nearby river and it floated away. The people cheered because Spiderman had saved the day again.

        • Well done Freya, I like the use of alliteration and how you’ve used the sense of smell to add an extra layer – rotten eggs and cabbages urrgh!

    • Yes, I know all the teachers are missing all the children too. We will be together before you know it!

  9. There once lived a sailor called John who was tall and skinny with long messy hair. He worked on a very large ship with lots of other sailors, they were sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and hadn’t seen land for days. When all of a sudden the waves grew as big as mountains and the wind roared around them. The large ship was being thrown around. John was very scared but had to try and help his crew-mates when suddenly a huge wave came over the ship and everything went black.
    When John opened his eyes he was lying on a beautiful beach all alone. He was worried about his crew-mates but was also very hungry. After eating some berries and coconuts he bravely went to explore more of the island. Not far into his trek he came across a large crumbling castle. Carefully he stepped around the rubble and entered a large cavernous room filled with boats, and a tunnel with a river in it. Guessing the river led to the ocean he decided it would be a good plan to take a boat and try and find his ship, which hopefully was still sailing. John managed to get a boat working and set off down the the very dark tunnel.
    Suddenly he heard a very loud rumbling sound and a large monster appeared out of nowhere. the monster was hunched over with leathery grey skin showing rotting yellow teeth. The monster was so large he seemed to fill the whole tunnel and John had a very good view of his knotty greasy hair and droopy ears. John was terrified and and sunk into the shadows on the boat. he had to do some very fast thinking if he was ever going to survive. He stealthily looked around for anything he could use as a weapon. under a seat he found a glistening sword and a lamp. Very quietly John tried to steer around the large monster whilst trying to not draw any attention to himself, without warning John was scooped out of the boat by the monsters large warty hand. John panicked and started swinging the sword around managing to catch the monster in one of his eyes with the pointy end. The monster was so shocked he dumped John back onto the boat. John swiftly got the boat moving and out of the tunnel and into the ocean. Luckily for John not too far out into the ocean he found his ship and the rest of his crew.

    • Chace, this is really well written – I could see everything you described it so well! You have used terrific verbs, adjectives and adverbs – which tell the reader so much more. I also like that you remembered to include a journey with obstacles. A big thumbs up from me!

  10. In a far away land in Africa, lived a very discrete tribe called Vana. They were the keepers of the natural beauty and richness of the huge wide forest of Africa. They had a very humble strong-willed leader called Bali who protected the community from the outside world for a very long time.

    This year, Bali decided to host a great feast for all the brave men that was going to compete against Baki for the title of the strongest and wisest warrior in the tribe. The winner will marry his only daughter Shay and take over his place as leader.

    One day, Baki came back to Africa and caught eye of Bali’s guards. He followed them and they lead him straight to Bali. When everyone was gone and asleep and Bali was alone, Baki appeared straight from the shadows. Bali gasped in horror but also thought how did he get in. Bali didn’t know what to do.

    Suddenly, a brave confident strong-hearted warrior called Bill came out of his house. He heard all of the commotion. He just had to know what it was so he listened carefully and followed the sound of thunder. He thought it was from outside but the sound pointed from the king’s throne room. He tiptoed quietly through the hall to the throne room. He came out from one of the doors and saw Baki who didn’t look like a person. Bill already knew what happened.

    Baki had invented a robot and he was inside it. With the robot, he looked huge but he was actually a warrior. He was once defeated by Bill who has magical powers that gave him strength, speed and invisibility.

    After losing the battle, Baki came back as huge, stronger, metal robot. Bill wasn’t sure if he could defeat him again. So Bill made a choice of being invisible and silently walked across the hall to the throne room. There he was ready to fight Bali just as Baki was about to start his plan.

    The fight commenced between Bill and Baki. Bill bursted out of the hall and ran in front of him. He was perfectly invisible. He poked Baki on his back and everywhere else he could. Baki kept running and trying to chase the invisible warrior until he couldn’t move his legs and feet. He then started to get dizzy and couldn’t catch his breath until he fell to the ground. Bill won the battle, became the leader of the tribe and married Shay.

    • Well written Hayley – you really captured the story telling aspect of this. And what a twist, a robot! Some great word choices too. I loved the setting of Africa too.
      Everyone has been so imaginative and each story so different. Excellent work Year 3!

  11. In a happy little village in a forest there were 2 paths. The path’s names were “Happy path” where animals and humans were always happy or “the swamp of death” where a creature was always hungry for blood. People who came in there never come out. Usually people go through the happy one and sometimes they in there to fight the dreadful and ferrous deathly beast nobody has ever defeated it, but if they could the, king and Quine would give them lots off money and they will get 700 farms.

    The terefing beast has 2 yellowy brown eyes. That dreadful beast has a T-rex body. A ginormas tail like a Kentnosaurous. He has got wings as a teredactul. That scallywag was a scary one with a triseritops head. Legs areas thin as a stick but as heavey as 400 stampeads of elephants.

    One night, it went to the castle to eat the king’s last warriors were eaten. The king was alone inside. Until big knock was on the door, when door were open. Kings eye’s were open very wide, on front The King was magnificent the leader.
    The leader was called Giraffe boy because he had giraffe neck and he could see for miles because he had stethoscope stuck to his eyes.
    The leader call his gang and all set of through the path of death. After short walk they’re herd a powerful roar as they get closed a roar get louder and louder. All men had a goosebumps except girrafe boy. He stood up and looked thru his periscope and find the monster. Girrafe boy crept on front The beast and with one straight cut open his belly. From greasy, huge wound came out all missing people.
    Girrafe boy was a hero and all land was safe.

    • Wow Marcel, what an imagination. I did have a chuckle at Giraffe Boy – I could see him in my imagination! I can see you used elements of Beowulf in there too, good work!

  12. Jacob The Hero
    Long ago, next to an enchanted forest, sat an old Irish village. The villagers told stories about the dense forest, where the huge trees stood so close together that they almost completely blocked out the sun. Inside the forest was gloomy and just stepping inside would give even the bravest warrior an uncomfrotable, eerie feeling. The trees seemed to lean, trying to grab you with their gnarly branches. There were also many stories of a nightmarish creature that lived, hidden in the darkness.
    It had a musty smell, sharp fangs and red shining eyes that can see even in the darkest night. Villagers told of huge wolf claws, extending from long, muscular arms covered in rough, wiry fur. Some said it had a big black nose that can smell fear from a mile away, as well as, what you ate for breakfast! Steathly as a cat and as quiet as a mouse, it almost seemed as though it appeared behind you by magic! The villagers were terrified of this ferrocious monster who often stole their sheep at night. Many strong warriors tried to find and defeat this beast but they could never catch the terrifying shadow that stalked them through the trees.
    Living at the edge of the village, was a young man with long, brown, curly hair always half tied back in a plait, held with a golden harp pin engraved with mythical animal faces. His name was Jacob. Even though he was really strong and tough like the other villagers, he was also wickedly clever and had kind, turquoise eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. His excellent eyesight let him clearly see even the tiniest snowflake as it fell to the ground.
    One day, the villagers decided that they were going to get all of their warriors to search for this nightamarish creature and defeat it once and for all. Jacob put on his bright, blue leather jacket, his dirty brown boots and grabbed his father’s old sharp stone sword that had emeralds dazzling along the hilt before he followed the other warriors into the shadowy forest.
    They soon split up to search for the beast and Jacob found himself alone in the gloomy blackness. In the middle of the darkness, where no-one had been before, exhausted from walking Jacob took a quick nap in a small clearing. Suddenly, slightly dazed, Jacob woke up feeling wetness on his face. Opening his eyes he saw the face of a huge werewolf peering over him. Jacob jumped up in fright and grabbed his sword, but the creature snapped it in two and ran off! But just as it disappeared behind a tree, Jacob noticed a silver streak of fur down it’s back and shouted ‘WAIT!’
    The creature stopped and looked back at Jacob, with a fearful look in his eye. Jacob stepped forward and said ‘I remember you.. You’re Lux, the wolf pup that got lost in the woods years ago when I was a little boy! What happened to you?’ The werewolf came out from behind the tree and Jacob could see a huge bite mark on his shoulder. It didn’t look healed.
    ‘Oh I know what can help.’ Jacob went over to some flowers that his mother told him had magical healing powers and picked one up. He broke off three petals and rubbed them on the monster’s bite. As soon as he did that, the curse was lifted and the werewolf turned into a grown up wolf with beautiful, soft, black and silver fur with beaming blue eyes that were sparkling with happiness! In a gust of wind, the forest was transformed from a shadowy, dim and gloomy place to a heavenly, idyllic place once again!
    All around them, there were blackberries ripe for picking. Tall oak tress stood next to the blossoming cherry trees. Soft pink petals littered the mossy forest floor among tiny bluebells. On a small wooden bench, birds of all different types and colours were perched, singing happily as the petals swirled around their feathery heads. The gentle, delightful sound of fairy laughter could be heard through the whispering trees as Jacob and Lux went happily home.
    The End

    • Leo, your attention to detail paints a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. I was truly captivated by your story telling technique. It’s obvious you really thought about your success criteria. Great job!

  13. In a far away land,where days like: Easter,Christmas and birthdays weren’t that fun,this year it was actually one of the best days ever, everyone got what they wanted and had an awesome day. One boy decided to ask for a real life dragon for his birthday.
    He got this dragon but it was really aggressive. One day the young boy was walking to school with his friends and he didn’t realise that his dragon was following them. At the end of the day the boy was in a fight with someone and the dragon came out of no where and ate the person all up. The person was never to be seen again and the young boy and his parents got rid of the dragon.

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