Ancient Greek Pottery!

This term in year 6, we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. We have all been able to craft their own Greek pottery. To create this, we worked in teams of two to come with a design for our pottery. To find out more about pottery we learnt about containers and what different things they can be used for. We also had a chance to draw our own version of Greek pottery. We watched a professional artist draw one and followed the steps that we were told to do. Once we had found a bit more about containers we had a chance to make our own.

In our pairs one of us made the pot or flat plate. A flat plate is a flat piece of pottery with different designs on it. The next day, the other person in the team had to paint and finish the design. Firstly, we painted a terracotta red all over the piece of clay. When the terracotta paint had dried, we began to paint our pattern or silhouette onto the clay. Once we had finished this we had completed our Greek pottery!

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