Anti Bullying Week

This week is anti bullying week.

It’s called this to get the message around not to bully anyone at anytime. Anti bullying week happens between the dates of 15th-19th November.

There are different types of bullying and this can happen at any time and anywhere.

There are ways to stop this from happening, for example:

Telling a trusted adult.

Telling a friend.

Telling a sibling.

Telling a parent.

You will then feel better that you have told someone. They will help you and sort out the problem or the bullying that is happening. Bullying happens when someone is hurting you or being forced to do something that you don’t want to do. If this happens several times on purpose it will be called bullying.

We all need to know that bullying at BRW is tolerated and deals with it straight away if it ever appears. If you think that you are the bully then stop doing something that you should not be doing. Remember never bully anyone. And stop if you are bullying people.





Start telling other people!

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