Anyone for Tennis?

In Year 6, we have been learning tennis skills in the playground for our PE lesson. It was good fun. First, we did exercises to stretch and warm-up and then we played a really cool game called Stuck in the Mud!

Stuck in the mud is basically Dobby Scarecrow but we were not allowed to touch each other so we used cones instead. Afterwards, we practised our tennis. There was a tricky move where we had to bounce the tennis ball off the side of a racket to ten, I managed 2 whilst my partner, Princess, got 5. We continued to practise different moves and it was great. Then the best part came when we had to get into fours! So I was partnered up with Princess, Lina and Kylan. First, Kylan and I held the rope and Princess and Lina started playing tennis like professionals; They were very good at it. When we swapped, I accidentally did mine too far and my friend had to kick it back to me. We got to practise our pivots and fore-arm swings.

I enjoyed Tennis it is one of my favourite sports after basketball. What’s your favourite sport?


  1. Thanks Cassie that compliment made my day! Tennis was really fun and you were great at it too. I really hope we do tennis again and that I progress each time.

  2. It was very fun when we did the rope rally Cassie. My favourte sport is tennis, vollyball and basketball. I also enjoyed the 2 player rally when we had to bounce the ball on the line

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