Are You Keen to Learn Kathak?

This week’s amazing blogger? It’s Lina!

Kathak is one of the classical dance forms of North India. The word Kathak is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word ‘Katha’ which means storytelling this is similar to ballet. The dance form dates back to as long as the 4th century BC and was invented by Janakiprasad.

When dancing Kathak the person will be accompanied by musical instruments such as the tabla and flute along with elegant costumes. To perform Kathak requires major expressions with feeling and precise, clear movements.

I am currently learning Kathak and still in Grade one as I have only started two months ago! My exams are in one month so my Guru Ji (teacher) is starting to teach me things from Grade two. I enjoy Kathak because I get to perform an enchanting dance and learn a whole new language! I recommend this distinct dance form because not only does it affect you positively, but it helps you stay fit and healthy and is very fun to learn. It also increases flexibility which gives you confidence and comfort in your own body.

This is a video of me doing the Chakradhar Toda in Kathak.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Do you know any other dance forms? Would you like to learn Kathak? Comment your opinions in the box below πŸ™‚

– By Lina


  1. WOW! This style looks really interesting. I love how you added a video so we could see what it looked like. I wonder what other cultural dances there are in India?

    • Hello Charlotte, thank you for watching my video. There are many dance forms in India I think probably eight or more πŸ˜„.

  2. Lina! That was …………..amazing! Thank you for sharing with us. I also used to another type of dancing too. Could we dance make a choreograph this dance or even make our very own dance?

  3. Hi Lina this amazing, I have learned loads of new facts a about Kathak I also love love the video.😊😊

  4. WOW Lina! I never knew that you could dance like that! Your dancing is incredible. What inspired you to learn Kathak?πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    • Hello Ciona, thank you. I think I was inspired by watching videos on YouTube of Kathak dancers and I really wanted to have a go πŸ˜€. Kathak is a very fun dance form.

  5. That’s amazing Lina! You’ve taught me something new today. Is it possible to become a professional dancer?

    • Hi Gwen, I am so happy that you learnt something new!
      Also it is possible to become a professional dancer if you stay dedicated to your dance form πŸ™‚.

  6. Thank you for reading my blog and watching my video Logan, Gwen, Alanah, Ciona, Imogen, Jean, Charlotte, Gabriel and Cassie 😊. I never thought so many people would comment!

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