Science Stations

02/07/2018 Daniel 2

Years 3 and 4 had an investigation filled afternoon, full of experimentation on how light presents itself and how mirrors can alter rays of light, […]

Fairham Brook Fieldwork

28/06/2018 Daniel 1

Years 3 and 4 ventured to Fairham Brook today, battling through nettles, branches and shrubbery to reach a place for investigation! Spotting wildlife, mini-beasts and […]

Tracking Shadows

28/06/2018 Daniel 0

Year 4 were dedicated scientists yesterday, tracking the movement of the sun through the position of shadows. It was intriguing to see how far Earth […]

Shadow Shapes

26/06/2018 Daniel 0

Year 4 spent the sunny afternoon exploring shadows and their properties.   We investigated how the possession of the Earth while rotating around the sun […]

Tennis Titans

15/06/2018 Daniel 3

Year 4 were able to put all the tennis skills, that they have developed during our coaching sessions, into action. We had a fabulous day […]

Mummified Mischief

04/06/2018 Daniel 1

Year 4 had a go at following the ancient ritual instructions for mummifying apples.   Left for a week, we checked on the effects of […]

Oh Mummy!

22/05/2018 Daniel 0

Year 4 along with Year 3, had a lovely time at New Walk Museum yesterday, learning even more about the Ancient Egyptians. It was clear […]