Lost and Found

14/02/2019 Mrs Cook 1

On the 14th of February 2019 we preformed a class assembly. We were learning about pirates this term. We told everyone about Blackbeard, Anne Bonny […]

Water Safety

21/01/2019 Mrs Cook 2

This morning BRW welcomed back Trisha from Nottingham Water Safety Partnership. Trisha came to remind us about keeping safe near water and what to do […]

Christmas Dinner

20/12/2018 Mrs Cook 0

It is Christmas Dinner day! The hall is full of Christmas spirit as the children pull crackers, tell jokes, sing along to Christmas songs and […]

A Visit to a Temple

20/11/2018 Mrs Cook 0

Today BRW has been a hive of excitement as the whole school went to visit a Hindu temple! Year 1 eagarly awaited their afternoon visit […]