Movement is Medicine!

06/05/2022 Miss Lee 0

Here are two of our musical dances, uploaded to the blog just for you to practice and perfect! Remember: passion, pezzaz and big smiles make […]

The Science of Volcanoes

05/05/2022 Miss Lee 0

Have a look at these excellent examples of chemistry! Nathan and Chidubem have both had a go at re-creating volcanic eruptions using reactions between specific […]

PCSO Visit

31/03/2022 Miss Lee 0

We were lucky enough to have a local Police Community Support Officer visit Year 6 to teach us about some of the risks we might […]

Butterfly Patterns

24/03/2022 Miss Lee 0

We’ve been exploring ‘Pattern’ in Art in Year 6, comparing modern-day repeated patterns to Ancient Greek patterns! Our artist focus is someone who has created […]

Which Beak is Best?

17/03/2022 Miss Lee 0

As part of our ‘Evolution and Adaptation’ Science topic this term, Year 6 have been exploring Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection’, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ […]