Rock Stars

24/09/2020 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 have started learning about Rocks and Fossils. After thinking and discussing ‘The Big Question…Why are all rocks different?’ we learned some new vocabulary […]

Y3 Teams Meeting

22/07/2020 Mrs Byrne 7

The Feathered Hunter His coal-black pupils, an island set in a sea of molten gold, stared straight ahead of him. As he broke out into […]

Cat on a Wall

08/07/2020 Mrs Byrne 22

In our Y3 Teams meeting today we crafted sentences using the writer’s techniques we know, to improve and paint a better picture with words!

Delightful Dolphins

03/07/2020 Mrs Byrne 0

This week, the Dolphin Pod have been very busy subtracting, innovating ‘The Train Ride’ practising handwriting and phonics , and have even formed their own […]