Henri Matisse

08/02/2019 Sana 0

In Year 6, we have learnt about a significant artist named Henri Matisse. Here are some things we learnt about him: Henri Matisse was a […]

Vocation and Commitment

19/11/2018 Sana 6

As our second Come and See topic, Year 6 have been learning about vocation and commitment. A vocation is our calling from God. If your […]

The British Red Cross

13/11/2018 Sana 21

Last week, Rhian from The British Red Cross visited Year 6. We discussed the different types of emergencies we could have to deal with, and […]

World War I

29/10/2018 Sana 6

This term, Year 5 and Year 6’s topic is…… World War I! The Year 6 pupils have been writing as if they were soldiers from […]