Be like St Oscar Romero

On the 9th September the whole of Ks2 had a liturgy based on the famous St Oscar Romero. We learnt how Oscar Romero stood up for what he believed and what he thought was right. He committed to spread good news and to make the poor feel strong, in this way millions of people across the globe listened, worked for justice, reconciliation and peace. Throughout his life Oscar Romero knew it was a dangerous path to follow his beliefs but he was willing to challenge those in power. Unfortunately, Oscar Romero died during a procession in mass. Till this day, Oscar Romero is remembered for his bravery and courage towards the people in power. We had a sheet of paper with a picture flame on it that we had to answer  how can we be the light of god and how can we spread the light.


  1. This liturgy was fun for my learning I learned that Oscar Romero stood up for what he believed and stood up for the right things.

  2. This liturgy was very inspirational because it shows everyone we should believe in our selves and believe what you think is right just like Oscar Romero. Thank you liturgy team for making this liturgy because I’m sure everyone in BRW is very inspired by Oscar Romero so good job on the liturgy, liturgy team.

  3. I also found this liturgy very inspiring as he stood up for what he believed in and more importantly, he stood up for his rights as well as other peoples rights. In this, he showed great bravery and we should follow his example too.

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