BE READY: To Applaud Year 6!

Thank you to Year 6 for performing the first class assembly of this academic year, and for doing so in such a moving, sensitive and passionate way!

They demonstrated just what they’ve been learning in their topic BE READY: How Will You Do Your Bit? With song, dance, narration and much more, we were taken back to Clifton 1918, meeting real – life characters and learning so much about WW1, life in the trenches, keeping up morale and remembrance.

Most importantly, they showed how they have learnt from the examples of WW1 heroes, and how they hope to become heroes themselves in their own way, in their final year at BRW!

Bravo Year 6! You astounded us all!


  1. I really enjoyed doing the assembly, as we learnt more about World War 1 and ho w they lived in Clifton Village at the time.

  2. Well done Year 6 we really helped younger children to understand the meanings of WW1 and how it began. Those facts might help you.

  3. Thank you Miss Lee for giving me such a good role, which i hope i acted out well! All of year 6 enjoyed being part of this assembly and all the hard work put into this definetely payed off.

  4. It was really fun performing this assembly, I think we were all great!
    Now I can’t wait for the musical!

  5. I really enjoyed rehearsing for our assembly and I think we did really good at the end! We should be really proud of ourselves.

  6. I really enjoyed our assembly! There were many laughs and in the end everything turned out great. Well done everyone!

  7. I really enjoyed being part of this play. Even though I was very nervous, I felt that I overcame some of my stage freight. Well Done year 6, we put on a great show.

  8. I loved being part of the final year six assembly. I greatly enjoyed learning and performing. It was the one to remember! Thank you Miss Lee for preparing this for us.

  9. I loved our performance and loved performing, I thought it was amazing. Now we have to look forward to the musical and other performances.

  10. I really enjoyed being part of this flabbergasting assembly. I especially enjoyed our own version of ‘It’s a Long Way To Tipperary’. I think that we will all be have a go heroes in our own way like it said in our final song Something Just Like This. Well done to all of year 6!

  11. Well done to everybody in Y6.You guys did amazing. The assembly really helped everybody understand WW1.Thank you to Miss Lee for preparing this.

  12. Well done everyone, we all really enjoyed it and it helped me to understand more about the soldiers who fought in World War 1. Thank you Miss Lee.

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