Bird Buddies!

Year 5 were very lucky to have visitors from the RSPB charity (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) work with them this afternoon.

Year 5 explored our local school area and used their mapping skills to label the different types of habitats we have on our school grounds. There was a points system that we used for spotting the different habitats and some of the highest scorers in Year 5 gained over 400 points!

Year 5 used lots of skills in this activity linking to their Science, Geography and Maths knowledge. It was a truly engaging and interesting afternoon.

We even made some friends with some birds in the playground!

Year 5, what was your favourite part of this workshop? 

What did you find most interesting as you were investigating our school grounds? 

Tell me what you learned. 




  1. This day was really enjoyable,keeping in mind the teachers who arranged this programme, and I also learnt many new things!

  2. I remember this activity and that it was so fun that I wish we could do it again. I enjoyed listening to the birds tweet and going on a hunt to find things!

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