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Remember our Blog Rules and Blog Safely

  • Only use first names on any comments or posts.
  • Keep comments positive.
  • Do not share any of your contact details.
  • Writing should be of a high standard – no text talk.
  • Do not post photographs of people, unless you have permission.

At BRW, we blog safely and securely.


  1. These rules are very suitable for the blog. Not giving out personal information is important to follow as we could get into situations like cyber bullying or even worse!

  2. If you follow the blog rules you will realise that the blog will get greater and greater everyday. It won’t give out any information you don’t want it to. Just like Liam said!:)

  3. I really loved it when the man from e learning centre came to teach us how to control robots. Maddison and I named our robot Wally because the robot looked like him.

  4. I loved it when the E-learning teacher came to our school to teach us about ROBOTS! Year 5 learnt how to control robots these are some of the things we learnt: we made our robots go forward we made them reverse, spin and much more! I wish we could learn more about robots.This was the kind of activity that no-one will ever get fed up of!

  5. This sounds like a very interesting blog… fair rules, and easy to follow. A little bird told me you were learning about native Americans. I live in Virginia USA . A lot of American Indian history took place here as well as in my home state of Minnesota. People learned to survive and thrive under the teachings of these kind people. They taught the white people how to hunt, fish, plant gardens, harvest, trap animals for food and fur. Without their help, settling in this harsh land would have been much more difficult

  6. Hello Mary

    Thank you for sending us a message about America and the Native Americans. Miss Sparkes showed us a map of America and we found where you live.
    We have some questions for you,
    What is it like to live in America?
    Do you know any cowboys?
    How big is your country?
    We hope to hear from you soon.
    From all of the children in Year 1

  7. Hi Mary, Thank you for the comment.
    Miss Sparkes has told us about you. We live in England.
    I know you live in America, I would like to know why you like animals.

  8. Rules are always important on the blog. If you are unsure about them either ask your class teacher, or have a look at this page! You should always follow the rules. I 100•/•agree that these rules help us learn and make us careful on the blog. Always remember to stay safe!

  9. These rules are very important because you or other people can get hurt by people who we do not know they can do it at school or home that is why you should not give your personal details and where you live so if you get lost go to a shop or something so you don’t get hurt and say you lost your mum, dad and teacher.

  10. So the poor Paddington was sat on the railway bench and he left so sad lonely and he also very hungry.BY that time, an old man,,who called Geoff approached him and offered help.He was so kind to Paddington and he brought help.He was so kind to Paddington and he brought some foods and drinks.Moreover, he informed pets service and ask them to look after he Paddington.

  11. I think we should be extra carful when we use internet, because if we talked to people online that we don’t know, they could hack into a system and create an virus/bug in the computer. So that is why we should be very carful of what we do on the internet.

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