Born in a Barn

On the 6th January, we will celebrate the feast of the Epiphany. Before this celebration, why don’t you remind yourself of the Nativity Story by watching Year Two’s Nativity performance? It is a real show-stopper and is sure to get you up on your feet!

Well done Year Two for producing a wonderful show! You are movie-stars and you have reminded everyone of the true meaning of Christmas…peace, hope, joy and love.


  1. I enjoyed our Nativity because I like singing and dancing.

    When we performed I felt nervous and excited.

    My favourite song was Born in a Barn.

    • Well done Austin – you have used the conjunction ‘because’ to extend your sentence.
      ‘Born in a barn’ was a really enjoyable song to sing. 🙂

  2. My favourite song was It’s a long way on a donkey, it was very cool. I enjoyed the Nativity very much.

    • Well done Ignacy – you have used the contraction ‘it’s’ correctly!
      I agree- the Nativity was very ‘cool’!

  3. I enjoyed our Nativity because I liked being on stage. 😍

    When we performed, I felt happy!

    My favourite song was ‘No Room’.


    • This is a great sentence Feliks. You were a brilliant camel!

      Challenge: what punctuation is missing from the end of your sentence?

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