The whole school thoroughly enjoyed a huge BOOGIE and BOUNCE for our friends in Bunkpurugu! We were sponsored to dance and bounce non-stop to raise money for the community of Bunkpurugu.  Together, we let our lights shine by working together to help those who need our help.

We have been supporting Bunkpurugu for many years now with the aspirational dream and hope that, together with the schools in our trust, we can build a new school in their village.  Miss Ferrara even went to visit the children and families there last year to see the progress of the new school build and bring over not just our gifts, but our BRW spirit too.  We were thrilled that the Bunkpurugu spirit was brought back to BRW too!  We are motivated more than ever to carry on fundraising to make this new school a reality!

The BEST news of all??  The new school not only has a new roof but walls, doors and windows!!  It’s truly happening! Please keep all remaining sponsor money coming in.  Let’s put our FAITH INTO ACTION, let our LIGHT SHINE and DO THIS!

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