Brilliant BRW Talent Show!

The whole jointed together for the Big BRW Talent show! all students were competing for house stars as they showed off all of their gifts and talents.
Their were kind of acts on show! from sing and dancing to comedy and gymnastics. Everyone who performed were amazing and we loved it! The judges were Miss Ferrara, Mrs Maylard-Mason and Mr Wheat they were really nice and helped support everyone.

After the auditions acts were told if they had made it through to main event! All the acts were BRILLIANT! and very talented but only a few could go through. The finals were very close. The winner for KS1 was Tilly and the winner in KS2 Nioami CONGRATULATIONS to Tilly and Nioami for winning and showing everyone their talent inside and out!

We all loved watching and help cheer on everyone taking part and can not wait for the next one where we hope to see even more people join!

Layla and Riley.


  1. The talent show was amazing this year it is a shame this was my last talent show of BRW but this one was one of the best

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