BRW Bishop letter 2022

This past week BRW has been sent a letter from Bishop Patrick.

The Year 6 House captains have been working very hard to create a house meeting for all of the houses in BRW and we have recorded some key answers to the questions of the letter that will be sent to the head of our church (Corpus Christi). The house meeting took place on the 13th of January 2022 at 2:45pm. The most important question of them all was ‘how does the Holy Spirit inspire you?’ There was many answers to this question for example ‘It inspires us to spread the good news about god’. These questions on the letter was helpful to the house captains who received important answers that will help us make our school and Corpus Christi a better place to be. The question that helped us get most of the answers to make church and school a better place was ‘how can we help the people who will feel left our from church?’. This was the question which the church would see the answers to and decide to change a few thing about church, to make sure that they can invite all people and more fun to the people. My favourite suggestion for the Church was that we continue live broadcasts because it helps people who are housebound and unable to celebrate in person.

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