BRW Boogie and Bounce for Bunkpurugu

Last week KS2 gathered in the hall to be led by liturgy team the theme was all about languages from around the world with the focus being Bunkpurugu. Bunkpurugu is a place in Ghana in Africa we have been raising money and helping to build a school there!
During our KS2 liturgy we wrote down for people all around the world that people would use their different languages from around the world to spread the good news of the Gospel.
In our liturgy we were given a stone at the start and we were asked to hold it and prayer for the people of Bunkpurugu. Then at the end when we were ready to stand up and to place the stone somewhere in the heart to show care and love to people in Bunkpurugu.

Bounce and Boogie for Bunkpurugu!

Tomorrow 27/09/19 we will be fundraising for Bunkpurugu by dancing and bouncing on space hoppers. Stay tuned to the blog to hear more about it! We are also looking forward to having a FUN day but most of all to raise money for Bunkpurugu.

Lydia and Ashley

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