BRW Eco Warriors

Whilst being at home, a lot of you have been continuing to be excellent Eco Warriors!

Charlotte in Year 5 has made a bug house for Mason Bee’s with her sister and dad. She researched carefully where the house should be positioned and used resources from their garage.

Maria in Y1 has been resourceful and has grown her own dill! Here are the before and after photos.

Elizabeth in Y2 has made and painted some flower pots using paper rather than plastic! She is going to put seeds in them to grow flowers once they have dried.

Connie in FS2 has made a Junk Model rocket telescope! She has been resourceful and used recycled items found in her house, rather than buying new resources. She is super proud of her model and so am I! 🙂

Mrs Piper has been spotting lots of different wildlife in her garden!

If you’d like an Eco shout out, email the office at


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