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22nd September 2104

First call of business is to introduce our new hen. You may have noticed that Peckadilly, our more overbearing, sandy-coloured hen, is on holiday. Over the summer, she became rather poorly whilst laying eggs, and though she is fully recovered, it is possible that her illness will return. Therefore to make sure she is in the best hands in case she does fall sick again, the decision has been made to keep Peckadilly in the safest place: hen hospital!

As a result, we are very happy to welcome our new hen. It seems that Scramble has been showing her the ropes, helping her to settle in and getting her used to the BRW hen way of life. Though still a little shy when it comes to posing for photos (Scramble on the other hand loves the limelight, as the above pictures show), our new hen is very content, gentile and loves a cuddle. She has a special feather colouring – look closely, and you will spot metallic green on her beautiful feathers!

Your job, pupils and parents of BRW, is to name our new hen! Try to consider her personality traits mentioned above, as well as her appearance. Write your suggestions in a comment underneath. The winning name will win a star for their house! Get thinking…and stay clucky!

Miss Lee

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