BRW School Mass- We are Spirit Strong

Last week we had our first school Mass of the year. We were very excited to join together as a community. We were even a little nervous but we knew we were strong and had Jesus with us.

Fr Wilfred celebrated our Mass and we live streamed it into our classrooms. Although we weren’t together in one room, we felt close as a community. We all had different Mass parts and jobs throughout the Mass to help with the celebration. It was great to see people we hadn’t seen in a while!

The theme of our Mass was celebrating our community and our school motto this year: We are BRW Spirit Strong!

As a community we feel strong because we have God with us all the time. Everyday we try to follow in Jesus’ footsteps so that we may live and learn to be better Christians.

We show our strong spirit in many ways. We help others. We help people in need. We share stories about Jesus and learn about him. We pray everyday. We show love to our neighbour.

This year we want to grow in faith and strength. We want you to know that God loves you and you can be Spirit Strong too!

By Freya and Chace

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