BRW Science Challenge Number 12


What are coat hanger quadrats? I hear you ask? Well, they are a very good way to study biodiversity in your garden!

First, pull a metal coat hanger into a square shape. (Ask your parents if you’re allowed to do this before raiding the wardrobe!) Then go outside to where you are likely to find living things and put your quadrat onto the ground.
Look closely at the plants in the quadrat and name and count what you can see. If possible you should use the Woodland Trust identification Dials or Sheets to help with this.

You could complete a tally of what you can see in different areas of your garden or local park in order to make comparisons – this could include animals and materials as well as plants. Discuss with someone in your family the possible reasons for any similarities and differences you find.

You could compare the plants in your garden with the plants you have found in the park, or another garden.

• Tent peg a quadrat to the ground and return to this area each week over the year to look for changes, e.g. you could observe a dandelion growing flowers, and making and dispersing seeds.

Send any photos in to Mrs Byrne


    • Great – don’t worry about using a coat hanger if you haven’t got on. How about making a frame from cardboard? Think creatively about adapting the idea 🙂

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