BRW’s Ash Wednesday Mass

On Wednesday the 26th, we started our Lenten journey with our Ash Wednesday Mass. It was a brilliant celebration and it really helped us to reflect on the 40 day journey we were about to begin.

We all prepared and took part in the Mass in different ways, we had altar servers, readers for the readings and bidding prayers, the liturgy team gave out the ashes and we all enjoyed singing some hymns together (year 4 and year 6 had the job of echoing for ‘Do not be afraid’!

The year 6 liturgy team gave out ashes to the whole school, and as we received the ashes they said the words ‘Repent and believe in the Gospel’. With this action we are reminded that God’s forgiveness and mercy is always there for
us. The Ashes remind us that we can make a fresh start and let go of the mistakes we have made.

At the front of the Mass we had a prayer focus with purple cloth and Fr Wilfred was wearing his purple vestments. The colour purple reminds us that we have entered into a new liturgical season. The colour purple reflects the reflective atmosphere we experience throughout Lent.

Thank you to Fr Wilfred for celebrating our Mass and to all the friends and family who joined us!

Let us know in the comments below what you are giving up or doing extra throughout Lent 🙂

By Jazmine and Evan

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