BRW’s ECO Afternoon!

On Friday 19th of May, BRW invited you all to an Eco-Extravaganza! This was to raise money for the Building Hope Scheme. It all began in Year 5 when a large group of year 1s from Whitegate School came to visit. Firstly, the Year 1s were shown into the Jubilee Room to be welcomed and split into three groups. Two of them were taken to Year 5 and the Jubilee Room to listen to mini lessons that Year 5s about subjects that the groups of four had been given such as:

  • Biodiversity
  • Global Citizenship
  • Energy
  • Healthy living

The other group were lucky enough to do some activities with some of the year 6s and Miss Taylor. Then Year 5 set up to do a performance of their famous Man in the Mirror at the end of the visit while the Year 1s had a tour of the BRW garden! Once this was over and the Year 1s had left we did even more ECO Activities.

At the Eco Afternoon we sold cakes and seedlings for you to take home. We have done this so we can raise a lot of money for the building Hope scheme in Bunkpurugu. We hope you all had a lovely time looking at all the things we have been doing this year to raise money for this wonderful thing we are trying to do. We hoped you enjoyed it!!!

A huge thank you to all of you who made or brought in cakes for our sale – they were very much appreciated and enjoyed!

From the Eco Warriors 🙂

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  1. That looks really fun Eco Warriors I wonder what the Whitegate children think of that? I think you would have done well at representing our school as well.

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