BRW’s Precious Prayer Machine!

BRW has some very special news…. the code club and faith in action group have been working very hard and have secretly been making a prayer machine, which was designed by Ashleigh Fowlds in Year 4!

We interviewed Ashleigh, designer of the prayer machine, to get to know a bit more about the machine and what inspired her design…

Ashleigh: “When the prayer machine is switched on it glows with a green light. I chose green because green is our main school colour, it is in our badge and our uniform is green. I had the idea to put the Blessed Robert badge on the machine to show that Christ is at the centre of everything we do and prayer is very important to our school. I even put instructions for each of the different themed prayers you could choose from. You can choose an asking prayer, sorry prayer or thank you prayer. I also put the cross in the middle of my design as a reminder that we make the sign of the cross when we say our prayers. The cross also reminds us to be more like Jesus. I chose the base to made of wood because it is more environmentally friendly and at BRW we try our best to protect the beautiful world God gave us.” Thank you and well done Ashleigh!

The prayer machine was created to help inspire people with their prayers. If you want to talk to God but are not sure what to pray for you can choose something from the machine to help. If you are feeling like you want a fresh you might choose a sorry prayer. If you are feeling grateful, you might want to choose a thank you prayer. And if you want to ask for God’s help with something you might choose an asking prayer!

The Year 6 Faith in Action group helped write the prayers that would go into the machine.

We are hoping to reveal the machine to everyone very soon so that they can take a prayer and share it to everyone they meet.

We would like to thank all the people who were involved in the making and designing of the prayer machine and we hope you will all enjoy the prayer machine and the prayers!

By Nima, Ashley.K (Class 6) and Ashleigh. F (Class 4) 🙂

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  1. What a brilliant idea, well done Ashleigh and fellow students. Keep the faith.
    Christine Hulley 🙏🏻 T.A. St.Philip Howard CVA. Glossop.

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