BRW’s Reconciliation Liturgy

It first started when we wrote our sins on a piece of tissue paper in our classrooms. We thought about the Reconciliation Liturgy that we were about to walk into and we reflected so that we were prepared to pray to God.

As we walked into the Hall we knew it was a space for the Liturgy because we could see the Lectern and the Prayer Focus. We saw the purple cloth which reminded us that it is the season of Lent and we could also see: tubs of water to represent washing away our sins; candles to represent Jesus who is always there with us to guide the way; and coins to show that we try to give to those less fortunate.

Throughout the Liturgy we sand the hymn ‘Do not be afraid’ and we had prayers and reflections in between the verses. Fr Wilfred, with help from our Year 5s, led the Liturgy. Fr Wilfred proclaimed the Gospel for us and then told us about Fr Damien who is an inspiring example to us because he went to the island where the lepers were to help and to heal them. Towards the end of our Liturgy we placed the pieces of tissue paper which we had written our sins on into the tubs of water and watched as our sins were washed away. The children then had the opportunity to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Fr Wilfred and to receive forgiveness for their sins from Jesus.

The Liturgy made us feel calm and we knew not to worry about our wrong doings. It made us feel welcomed into God’s family because we knew that there is nothing that we can do that would make God stop loving us.

Logan and Charlotte

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