Building Hope in Bunkpurugu

BRW continue to pour all of our efforts into supporting ‘The Building Hope Project’ along with the other schools in our Academy Trust, we will build a school in Bubkpurugu, Ghana.
Last week the whole school came together to celebrate ‘Africa Day’.  Children and staff dressed in bright, bold, African colours and some even came to school dressed as African animals.  It was wonderful to see the effort everyone had made and we all enjoyed Miss Cotter’s famous giraffe costume!  There was a celebratory mood throughout school and it was definitely a very bold and vibrant place to be!

The children continued their learning about Africa based topics and enjoyed some Africa themed House Competitions.  We had African dancing, quizzes, traditional games and themed singing. It was a fantastic celebration of such a rich and inspirational culture.  There were many highlights during the day, some of the lasting memories I have are of Miss Courtney’s talented choir performing a range of African songs with beautiful and powerful harmonising and Miss Storey’s dance group who dazzled the audience with a rhythmic and passionate performance to Shakira’s ‘This Time for Africa song’!  It was a wonderful end to an amazing day.  Thank you to all the children, staff and parents for getting into the African party spirit and helping to raise even more funds.

As I write this blog, Miss Ferrara is actually in Bunkpurugu on her special visit to the site of the school.  She has travelled a long way with all sorts of gifts, prayers, hopes and a special BRW scrapbook made by each class to leave with the pupils in Bunkpurugu.  We have received some wonderful video messages from Miss Ferrara during her visit and will continue to update everyone throughout the week.  She has informed me that she has been very busy meeting lots of pupils and staff at the school.  This is a wonderful opportunity for her to take the BRW spirit to Bunkpurugu and bring the spirit of Bunkpurugu back to BRW.  We cannot wait to see how far the school building has developed.

Members of the Liturgy team made special mission appeals to parishioners during mass at Corpus Christi Church this weekend and which raised even more funds!
Thank you to the entire BRW community for supporting this project.

Mrs Maylard-Mason

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