It’s the Mathletics November Numeracy Challenge in less than two weeks! This is a competition on the ‘Live’ section of Mathletics.

The competition will run for one week, Monday to Sunday, 15 – 21 November. Schools will compete to earn as many Live Mathletics points as possible within the week. The top schools will be the schools with the highest average total of participation points.

This will be calculated by taking the total number of participation points divided by the total number of registered students in the school. So the more time EVERYONE spends on Mathletics, the greater the chance we have of being a winner!

The top 10 schools will win a special prize pack and experience glory on a global scale! That’s right – we’re competing against the rest of the world!

Even 5 minutes a day for that week could make a difference! So get your MATHLETE skills ready to WIN!


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