Can you Solve these Mind-boggling Maths Problems?

It is NSPCC Number Day and what is a better way to spend it than doing Maths problems? For all you budding mathematicians out there, whether you are parents, teachers or BRW pupils, see if you can solve these mind-boggling Maths problems. Red challenges are hard, yellow challenges are harder and green challenges are the hardest! 

Year 5 has run out of whiteboard pens! Miss Cotter orders 8 boxes and each box contains 12 pens. How many pens will Miss Cotter have?

On a school trip, 272 people are visiting a museum. There are 223 children and 16 teachers, the rest are parents. How many parents are there?

Mrs Maylard- Mason is taking the whole school on a trip to the seaside. There will be 250 children and 24 adults going on the trip. How many 42 seater buses will she need to use?

4 teachers are eating their own pizzas. Miss Lee has 3/4 left, Miss Courtney has 3/5 left, Mrs Byrne has 2/3 left and Miss Cotter has 2/5 left. Who has the most amount of pizza left?



😜-😂= 3


What is the answer to the question above and what is each emoji equal to?

If you can buy six cakes from Scarlett’s Super Expensive Cake Stall for £666. How much would it cost for 5 cakes?

A packet of chicken food contains 1.5kg of food. If the animal welfare officers feed the two chickens 30g each per day, how many bags of food would have to be bought to last the chickens a year?



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