Caring For Our Earth

Thank you to Leila, Harley, Leona and Naomi for leading Year 6 in a beautiful class liturgy on the theme of’ ‘Caring for our Earth’.

Having planned, prepared and resourced the liturgy themselves, they shared with us the Word, Response and Mission: to plant a seed that will one day grow!

This linked wonderfully to our St. Francis of Assisi hub mass this week – he is after all the patron saint of animals and ecology! He loved this world with all his heart, energy and life, having renounced material wealth. St. Francis went on to dedicate his life to caring for one of God’s greatest gifts to us: the earth and everything on it!

We celebrated with our family of schools by considering what must have inspired St. Francis, as well as explore ways that we could be disciples of our earth.

What do you think? How can we live out St. Francis of Assisi’s message?


  1. I really liked the liturgy because it showed me that we don’t have much time to care for the world and in 20 years, climate change will be unstoppable.

  2. I loved the liturgy from Leila, Leona, Harley and Naomi. I told me that we should care for the earth and appreciate what we have. St. Francis of Assisi convinces me to be more like God and be a disciple and also be a role-model!!!!

  3. It was a very inspiring Liturgy keep up the good work everyone. We are all pushing towards our goals; one of our schools goals is to save the planet like this Liturgy tells us!

  4. Caring for the earth is very important indeed,that’s why every one needs to be eco friendly to the earth. Like picking the litter up, saving electricity and most importantly praying for our panet!

  5. I liked when we dipped our fingers in paint and put them on the paper tree.This liturgy made it clear to me that we are responsible for our planet and that we should save the earth before it is too late

  6. We should love our planet, it is very important to take care of it because one day it will be to late to turn back all our bad deeds that we have done on the planet.

  7. This liturgy was really serious but… fun! Fun because they showed us that the world is bigger than what we really think it to be and that it needs our help with caring.

  8. The Liturgy really inspired me to save the planet and reduce electrity used. St Francis of Assisi also showed me that anything is possible.

  9. It is really important that we care for our eath because God made this world to make it look nice and for us to live on. This is also important because in 20 years climate change will be unstoppable so we now have this chance to make a change and start telling other people about it so they can also spread the news.

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