Caring for Our Wood

When we went to Forest School last time, the children noticed lots of rubbish and they weren’t happy. “It looks dirty”; “The animals will be hurt”; “We don’t like it”‘ they said. So, we decided to do something about it.

This week, we worked together to pick up the litter, using litter pickers to keep our fingers safe.  The children picked up four bags of rubbish in just ten minutes. Their message to the local community is:   “If you’re going somewhere, hold onto your rubbish until you see a bin”. 

As well as being litter pickers, we also played ‘The Flag Game’; ‘Hide and Seek’ and made Woodland perfume and potions. If you want to know anything more about these activities, please ask one of the children – they are the experts.

Farewell Forest School, until next term, we love you!

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