Movement is Medicine!

27/05/2022 Miss Lee 0

Here are two of our musical dances, uploaded to the blog just for you to practice and perfect! Remember: passion, pezzaz and big smiles make […]

Sporty Year 3

21/05/2022 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 enjoyed their Royal Jubilee Themed Sports Day this week, along with the rest of KS2. From such events as ‘The Queens Obstacle Race’ […]

Determined Drummers!

17/11/2021 R Matthews 0

The Rainbow Fish children have had a fantastic morning learning some Drum-Fit moves. They drove a bus, drummed their emotions, bounced like monkeys jumping off […]

Swimming and Health

27/05/2021 Jacob 6

Jacob is our Year 6 blogger this week! This term in year 6 we have started swimming! I really enjoy swimming and often go at […]

Sports Day at Home

12/07/2020 Mrs Cook 0

Thank you so much to everyone who sent score sheets in last week. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your emails full of the creative ways […]