Sporty Year 3

21/05/2022 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 enjoyed their Royal Jubilee Themed Sports Day this week, along with the rest of KS2. From such events as ‘The Queens Obstacle Race’ […]

Super Sports’ Day

18/05/2022 Ms Chapman 0

Look at these athletes go! What a lovely afternoon in the sunshine – the children showed determination and great sporting behaviour – clapping and cheering […]

Movement is Medicine!

06/05/2022 Miss Lee 0

Here are two of our musical dances, uploaded to the blog just for you to practice and perfect! Remember: passion, pezzaz and big smiles make […]

The Science of Volcanoes

05/05/2022 Miss Lee 0

Have a look at these excellent examples of chemistry! Nathan and Chidubem have both had a go at re-creating volcanic eruptions using reactions between specific […]