WOW Tracker

15/07/2022 Mrs Hart 0

At BRW this year, we have continued to participate in the Living Streets Travel Tracker. Every morning, we track whether we have travelled to school […]

At zen with nature

08/07/2022 R Matthews 0

This week at Forest schools the children used their senses to explore the woods; looking at the shapes and patterns they could see, hugging the […]

Born To Be Brave!

07/07/2022 Mrs Cross 0

On Wednesday 22nd June, Year Two performed a wonderful assembly to all their family and friends. They are so proud of their achievements in Year […]

Our Joyful Class Mass

07/07/2022 Mrs Cross 0

On Thursday 9th June, Year Two celebrated a wonderful class mass at Corpus Christi Church. Lots of parishioners, friends and family came to celebrate with […]