Pirate Day

February 28, 2019 Miss Sparkes 0

On Tuesday it was Pirate Day. I felt happy when I had to make a pirate ship with David. First we used a box to […]

Lost and Found

February 14, 2019 Miss Sparkes 1

On the 14th of February 2019 we preformed a class assembly. We were learning about pirates this term. We told everyone about Blackbeard, Anne Bonny […]

Christmas Dinner

December 20, 2018 Miss Sparkes 0

It is Christmas Dinner day! The hall is full of Christmas spirit as the children pull crackers, tell jokes, sing along to Christmas songs and […]

The Prickly Hay

December 20, 2018 MKemple 2

Last week Year 1 performed their Nativity show, it was all about the baby Jesus. The main characters were Mary and Joseph, they arrived in […]