WOW Tracker

15/07/2022 Mrs Hart 0

At BRW this year, we have continued to participate in the Living Streets Travel Tracker. Every morning, we track whether we have travelled to school […]

Woodland Trust Trees

08/03/2022 Mrs Hart 1

BRW has been selected to receive 30 sapling trees from the Woodland Trust and yesterday they were delivered! Mrs Kidger and the Year 5 team […]

Fairtrade Fortnight

25/02/2022 Mrs Hart 0

What is Fairtrade Fortnight? For two weeks each year, at the end of February and start of March, thousands of schools, colleges and universities across […]

The Iron Man!

09/02/2022 Mrs Henderson 17

Post your descriptions below! Don’t forget to include a range of sentence types using your DADWAVERS sentence mat to help!