Woodland Trust Trees

08/03/2022 Mrs Hart 1

BRW has been selected to receive 30 sapling trees from the Woodland Trust and yesterday they were delivered! Mrs Kidger and the Year 5 team […]

Fairtrade Fortnight

25/02/2022 Mrs Hart 0

What is Fairtrade Fortnight? For two weeks each year, at the end of February and start of March, thousands of schools, colleges and universities across […]

Year 5 Number Day!

02/02/2022 Mrs Hart 9

In Year 5 we celebrated the NSPCC’s Number Day spectacularly! We dressed up in ‘digits’ and began our day with some Maths (naturally)! Money Matters […]

Upper KS2 Maths Challenge!!!

02/02/2022 Thomas 4

It’s NSPCC Number Day! Warm up your maths mind by giving Thomas’s challenge a go! Question: A supermarket orders 8632 strawberries. One packet of strawberries […]

Year 5 Homework

27/01/2022 Mrs Hart 33

Story starter Placing the final lantern against the twisted, ancient oak, he turned and appreciated his work. The night that was relished and cherished by […]

Pie Glorious Pie!

14/12/2021 Mrs Hart 6

Year 5 have been learning about life during WWII, including rationing. We were tasked with creating a dish to take to an evacuee’s party using […]

Marvellous Musicians

09/12/2021 Mrs Hart 2

Year 5 have been busy this half term learning how to play a variety of musical instruments! Take a look at their performance…