Celebrating happiness!

A great day was enjoyed today by all in Year 3! We talked about the ten keys to happiness and learnt lots of ways to stay happy and mentally healthy, from being kind to others, learning a new skill, working on our resilience to talking to others about our feelings.

We also tried some new breathing techniques such as the square and hand breathing. Ask a member of Year 3 and they’ll teach you all you need to know! They’ll also probably show you their beautiful rainbow stretches and smiles too!


  1. It looks like you have been having a lot of fun in year 3. You have enjoyed Mental Health Day and came to school in amazing bright rainbow colours.

  2. Good job year three, it looks like you really enjoyed finding ways to stay mentally healthy.Personally I really enjoyed doing the breathing techniques.

  3. I would request a Year 3 child to teach me these breathing techniques! I would feel very relaxed and enjoyable when using these new breathing skills. Hope you had an excellent World Mental Health Day Year 3!

  4. Jae thank you for that comment I hope you had a wonderful Mentel Health Day too.Me and Y3 are grateful for what you,ve typed.

  5. it is soo fun because I love mental Health Day because you have to be so nice and colourful and do not be sad your frineds have to be nice

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