Clifton Village – A Trip Through Time

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful trip to Clifton Village today where we looked at honing in on our map location skills and our historical eyes.

We looked at features of old buildings built in previous centuries that are not seen in the houses we live in today!

It was almost as if we had taken a trip back in time, observing buildings that are so well preserved that we could capture a screenshot of what life would have been like with these buildings in our prime.

A big thank you to our to adult helpers, Mrs Harrison, Mr Thompson and Mr Harding, who gave us great insight into the history behind our neighbouring Clifton Village!

Leave comments below to tell us what you discovered on our trip!


  1. It was a tiresome journey to the Clifton Village because we had to walk 3 miles! but it was still exciting and we got to learn a lot of facts and information about it! <3

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