Corpus Christi Feast Day

Today at Blessed Robert Widmerpool, the Corpus Christi community and Blessed Robert Widmerpool School gathered together to celebrate the feast day of our church (which will be celebrated on Sunday in Corpus Christi Church). All are very welcome. Father Wilfred, the school children, staff and parishioners all came together in the school hall to celebrate what was a beautiful mass.

All of the mass parts were led and prepared by children from different year groups. The mass started with singing ‘Pow’r Of Your Love’. Then we had a introduction led by one member from each year group. Then we  had a reading by Hannah, psalm  sang by, James and Marcel followed by the Gospel by Father Wilfred ‘ Jesus Feeds The Five thousand’. We really enjoyed his homily about a picnic.

Each year group led a bidding prayer related to the world, Corpus Christi and the school community.

We really enjoyed all the songs we got to sing during mass. We really hope you are able to join us for our next mass. Keep an eye out on the  blog for the next mass.

Hope we see you Sunday!!!

Cristal and Sana

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