Cristal: All About Me and My School

Hi my name is Cristal and I am one of the liturgy team members. I have many hobbies: Netball, Table tennis, Dancing, Tennis, coding and Athletics. I want to be a doctor when I am older. I live with my Dad,mum and my two brothers. When i have free time I go to the park or I love to relax even though it is hard with my brothers who sometimes annoy me. I love going to school. My favourite subject in school is Maths. One of my aims this year is to improve my handwriting.


  1. Wow Cristal! I’m really proud that you’re a liturgy team member. I understand one of the reasons you love Maths. You’re really fast and good at times tables. I hope you achieve your dream to be a doctor!

  2. Wow Cristal! some of these facts I’ve never new about you. I definitely agree that you love maths because you are the TTRS champion and whenever we have a challenge you are always up for it and when you are stuck you are resilient and you never give up. Last but not least, you help someone whenever they are stuck on a challenge. I hope you achieve your goals and achieve your dreams of becoming a very successful doctor. I know that you will become a caring, loving doctor.

  3. Thanks Jaeden and Sandhra. You are really good at English and you always try to do your best and try and help others. I hope/ know that you will achieve your dreams to. Plus you have amazing talents too.

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