The curriculum of the school, underpinned and inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church, recognises that each child is a unique and valued individual.

We work hard to provide a broad, rich and inspiring curriculum to ensure the best possible learning for ALL pupils.  The curriculum is designed to give pupils appropriate knowledge and experiences so that they can develop as confident, responsible citizens and have a passion for life-long learning.  The curriculum is planned through a thematic, cross-curricular approach.

Phonics and Reading at Blessed Robert Widmerpool

  • At BRW we plan and teach engaging Reading lessons that are based upon the 2014 English National Curriculum.
  • Use speaking and listening opportunities to allow children the time to elaborate on their understanding of the texts they have read.
  • Use a variety of teaching resources to ensure all children have the ability to achieve and thrive when reading and writing.
  • Use the Revised Letters and Sounds Curriculum to teach systematic synthetic phonics to all children that need support with reading.

If you require any further information on our schools curriculum please contact the school office.