Dear Year 2…

Dear Year 2,

Mr Penguin and I are missing you terribly!

How are you? I thought it would be nice if we write each other letters to make sure we stay connected!

This morning, I started my day by taking part in the Joe Wick’s workout. My favourite part was ‘catching stars’. Did any of you try the workout too?

I cleared my office space to make sure I have somewhere calm and clear to work over the next few weeks. Have you managed to find a nice space in your house to do your home-learning? If not, why don’t you clear a space today? You could even do your learning outside in this lovely weather! You’ll be pleased to know, whilst I was clearing my office space, I found some more prizes for the Prize Bag! I will add them to the bag when we are all back together.

After that, I did some school work. I am making your Record of Achievement covers at the moment. I am really enjoying looking through all our Year 2 photos on the blog and I’m choosing the best ones for your front covers! Whilst I was doing this, I (accidentally) ate a whole tube of chocolate buttons! Can you remind me of our healthy eating lessons? What should I be eating to make sure I feel good during this time? Think about the different food groups and which ones we need more of.

This afternoon, I listened to a little bit of Beatrix Potter on Audible. You can get audiobooks for free here:

As you know, I LOVE stories! Let me know which books you enjoy – I’d love to read your book reviews. I have seen Winnie the Pooh on there too – I think that would be a nice story to listen to before you go to bed.

I haven’t opened my secret letter yet because I’m waiting for a day when I really need cheering up.

If you are missing someone you can’t visit, why don’t you write them a letter or an email? Tell them what you have been up to and any wise words you have. I’m sure it will make them really happy to hear from you.

I hope you are all safe, healthy and shining like stars. Enjoy the sunshine.

Lots of love,

Miss Cotter x



    • Hi Leon!
      It’s lovely to hear from you!
      How are you? I bet you’ve been enjoying lots of Maths challenges!
      We can speak on the blog. Leave me comments on here and I will reply as soon as I can.
      Have a great day,
      Miss Cotter

  1. Hi miss cotter it’s poppy , how are you, I miss you lot.i hope you are safe and well. I wish w could hug you. I hope you enjoyed your chocolate buttons they are my favourite hope I see you soon from poppy x x x x

    • Hello Poppy!
      It’s so lovely to hear from you! I miss you lots too.
      What fun things are you doing at home? Have you built a den yet? I bet with your brilliant imagination you could make a wonderful fortress!
      Let’s share some chocolate buttons when we are back at school!
      Miss Cotter x

      • Miss cotter I have a idea, to have a well come back party when we come back, we can have food and games and a movie
        I have not made a den yet but I have been doing school work and I almost finished my formal write up and I did some maths and I went in the garden and did some baking lots of love from poppy x x x

        • I love your idea Poppy! We could play musical statues and Bungalow!
          I’m very impressed you have almost finished your formal write up! Well done 🙂
          What did you bake? I think I might make some banana bread this week if I can get the ingredients.
          Love, Miss Cotter x

          • That’s a good idea miss cotter
            I’ve only got one. Paragraph mum says my hand writing is neat. We made lemon curd cake and cherry flapjack. Love from Poppy x

          • Your handwriting has got so much better! You should feel really proud 🙂
            Your baking sounds delicious!
            Have a lovely day, Miss Cotter x

  2. 6×5÷5=6 10×4÷10=4 3×10÷3=10 9×5÷5=9 Miss Cotter I work the 1st one by doing 6×5 first and then ÷5 so it = 6

    • That’s excellent Leon!
      You’re right. Division is the reverse of multiplication. If you multiply a number by 5 then divide it by 5, it will take you back to your original number!

      What about this…
      7 + 9 + 9 =

      What is the most efficient way to solve this? Be lazy! 🙂

    • I love your way Leon!

      My way was to pretend that the 9s were 10s. I quickly added 10+10+7=27; then I subtracted the 2 imaginary ones to make 25.

  3. Miss Cotter 7+9+9=25 I work this out by doing first 9+9 and then added 7,
    but the easiest way is do first 2 x 9=18 and then add the 7 so it =25.

    • Of course! You know I love a Maths quiz!

      Here you go…

      1) What is half of 62?
      2) What is a quarter of 48?
      3) Split this number into hundreds, tens and ones : 348
      4) What is 72 divided by 8?

      Tricky challenge:
      5) A cake needs 45 minutes to bake. I put the cake into the oven at half past 2. What time do I need to take the cake out of the oven?

  4. Hi Miss Cotter

    I am missing school my friends and my teachers a lot!

    I have been doing my school work and me and my mum are reading gangsta granny by David Williams it’s really jolly!

    I hope you are happy and staying safe

    Love from Harry x

    • Hi Harry!

      It’s so lovely to hear from you. We are missing you too!
      I’m so pleased to hear you’re having lots of fun. I haven’t actually read Gangsta Granny but I’ve heard it’s very funny! I’ve got another David Walliams book at home – it’s called ‘the World’s Worst Children’! I’ll read some this week and let you know if it is any good.

      Stay safe Harry and keep being jolly!
      Love Miss Cotter x

    • Harry! Lovely to hear you’re enjoying stories! Keep going with the reading.

      Sending BRW wishes,

      Miss Ferrara

  5. Miss Ferrara I made cheese and pesto pastry wheels and decorated Easter cookies and I eated all of mine and Daisys Love from Poppy x x x

    • Wow Poppy! You are a star baker indeed! Cookies sound like a delicious idea for a treat. You’ve made my tummy rumble! Keep working hard and baking all kinds of delights.

  6. 1)62 of 1/2= 31
    2)48 of 1/4=12
    3)72 divided by 8=9
    4) 3 hundreds 4 tens 8 ones
    5) If you put the cake in the oven 2:30 and the cake need to bake 45 minutes then you have to take the cake out 3:15. Miss Cotter when I was playing time tables with the world I was first place.

    • Woohoo! All correct Leon – well done!
      I am so impressed by your times tables achievements! You should feel really proud! 🙂

  7. I am missing everyone lots but staying busy, I have been learning about countries did you know in Canada the dish is chips cheese and gravy but they call it poutine and in Japan there are over 126 million people.

    • We’re missing you too Amelia!
      I was so pleased to hear about your Geography research. Oooh – I rather like the sound of Canada’s poutine dish! Your’re right – Japan is a very densely populated country (that means there are a lot of people living there).

      Here’s another Geography fact for you…the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion people speak it).

      Keep up the great work.
      Miss Cotter 🙂

    • Hello Adele!
      That is so wonderful to hear! I am really proud of your hard work – keep it up.
      Miss Cotter 🙂

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