Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Brightly!

Year 6 led an inspiring assembly this morning. It had everything a performance needs…pizazz, passion, energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment!

It was a joyful celebration of everything we have learnt and achieved in the past seven weeks about our own city of Nottingham.

Thank you to our parents, family and BRW for celebrating with us!

Watch this space for further sparky performances in our final year at BRW!


  1. I enjoyed having the opportunity to have a part in this performance. It was jaw-dropping and eye opening, it was something you should never forget.

  2. When we did our assembly I think that we are all brave because we sang and said our lines in greatness. When we was preparing for it we were all very nervous but our self-confidence took over and made us brave!!!!!

  3. This assembly really helped me boost my confidence and made me even more enthusiastic. We showed all the work that we had done and I was proud of year 6 we had done lots of work in a short amount of time!

  4. I really enjoyed taking part in this wonderful assembly and show out my talent to others. we really did, dream big, sparkle more, and shine brightly.

  5. I really enjoyed taking part in this wonderful assembly. I really had the chance to show out my talent to others. we really did, dream big, sparkle more, and shine brightly!

  6. This was really fun and I enjoyed it. However, it was a challenge to memorise the songs. I was proud that we had received really nice comments. I hope I inspired someone!

  7. I really enjoyed the assembly, and it was our last one at BRW so it took really deep practicing, and it turned out to be a huge success!

  8. The assembly was really fun and exciting to do! I loved my role in being an agent and also other thing like explaining about artwork.
    We got to show how resilient we are and got to shine brightly every single minute.

  9. 2) I could tell the audience were blown away by the enthusiasm that our class thrown at them.

    3) I think that my classmates did a fantastic job with not just learning their lines, but the pizazz, passion, energy and enjoyment they created!

  10. I really enjoyed peformin in that Assembly well done other Year 6’s and thank Miss Lee for helping us.

  11. I love to say that you have a task and that task is to shine this year and make people know that you are there make some happiness and joy, love and miracles
    From AshleyO

  12. I really enjoyed this assembly because we to to show everyone all of our talents and work to everyone. It also inspired me to do just as good as i did during that assembly, It was really fun hopefully everyone else enjoyed it just as much as we did!

  13. Today you can let your light shine by being kind to each other or maby showing people how you can let your light shine in any way and you could also say that I have been inspired by maths because it is my faviourit subject in the hole wild world

  14. I really enjoyed this assembly as it was our last one, however I am proud I did it and that my last assembly will be one of my memories

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