English At BRW

Welcome to the BRW English page, where you’ll find all kind of useful information to learn about and achieve great things in reading and writing.

At BRW, we are passionate about ensuring every child loves reading and treasures books. We work hard in inspirational and creative ways to ensure our children also love to write and that they themselves and others enjoy their writing as much as we do! Allowing writing to come alive through radio performances or bringing it to life with technology or drama are just some of the ways we share this with the wider community. You’ll find examples of this on our class pages. From hidden mazes, adventure worlds and historical events, be prepared to be magically transported to other worlds and realms…and all by the power of words!


We begin the great adventure of learning how to read from simply encouraging children to enjoy stories at home with their families and at school. At the bottom of this page you’ll find our Target Sheets. These detail objectives for each year group from Years 1 – 6. From Years 2 – 6, we enjoy Whole Class Reading. We learn new vocabulary each week and enjoy practising our fluency to become better readers every day and each week.

In our Foundation Stage and Year 1, you can find books and writing all around the environment. Children enjoy reading books individually, in groups or as a whole class. Scroll to the bottom to find links to recommended books for each year group. Class pages are also a great place to explore what your child is currently in class too.

Each year, we look forward to a very special event – World Book Day! On this day, we celebrate all things book related! We dress up as our favourite characters and share our much-loved books. Our parents and grandparents are also invited into school so we can share our love of books together. You’ll find the Reading Restaurant is open on this day and all kind so activities have happened in the past from book-character potatoes, Book Clubbing, Pyjama Book Parties, Share-a-story-selfies, BIG Booky Breakfasts to BRW Book Bingo!


At BRW, we not only love to write, we love to perform our writing too! We start our reading and writing learning right from the start, when we begin our phonics learning. Here at BRW, we teach and learn synthetic phonics which is a method of teaching English reading. This is where the letter sounds are taught first and then teaching and learning builds up to blending these sounds together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words. Segmenting is the process of breaking this words down so we can spell accurately.

We use all kinds of things to engage and excite us when writing – visits, visitors, events in real life, world news, current trends and much more! We love to perform our writing on the school radio and bring it to life using technology. You can find technology tools such Adobe Spark videos and green screen backgrounds on our class pages.

We take so much pride in our writing. Not only does the content of our writing wow readers, but our handwriting does too. We show pride in the way we present our writing. Take a look at the video below with great advice on how to write clearly and join accurately.

If you’d like to learn more, our class pages and newsletters are a great place to learn more information and see what texts we are reading currently. Alternatively, please contact the office to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for reading this page! We hope you are as inspired to read and write as much as we are!


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