Event of the Year – Baby Maria is Baptised!

Last week Year 1 and 2 attended the much anticipated baptism of baby Maria. The week started with the children exchanging invites, important roles were decided and a celebration cake was ordered. Father Wilfred kindly agreed to baptise our special baby and talked us through the process.

The proud God parents promised to help teach Maria about Jesus and Maria’s Mum and Dad promised to love and care for their baby. We watched Father Wilfred pour holy water onto the baby’s head and he made the sign of the cross with the oil of chrism. He even gave the baby a baptismal candle and a certificate.

No family occassion is complete without a celebration. After the ceremoney we enjoyed a dance in the hall and a slice of cake. Maria was not only welcomed into God’s family, but also the caring and thoughtful KS1 family. It truly was a day to remember, celebrate and feel thankful for.

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