Evolution Explanation


Evolution is the process where a living organism developes from earlier forms. Evolution happens when differences in a species becomes more common or rare in a population.


Adaption is very important in life because if a species doesn’t adapt to it’s surroundings then it cannot survive, and therefore  becomes extinct. The cavemen used to walk slouched over. However, this would have been harder to hunt, so the humans began to evolve to stand more upright.


Extinction happens when a species cannot adapt to it’s conditions. For example, the dodo species lived undesturbed on the island of Mauritius, therefore didn’t need to fly. However, when humans arrived on the island, the dodo could not escape due to fact that it had not adapted to the circumstances.

The future

Scientists believe that humans may evolve to have longer thumbs to simplify the process of texting. We may also have larger eyes to cope better with screens. These changes will not happen for thousands, if not millions of years because evolution takes a very long time.


Do you have anymore questions about evolution?

Also, take a look at the experiment with did linked to evolution in class…

We have been discovering which plants could evolve to survive in salty water because it is thought that the Polar Ice Caps are melting, and if we don’t do anything about it, our country will flood and we would have to live on water. We are putting three different types of seeds in a cup and seeing if they will die out or survive. We leave them in salt water for a day and then we transferred them into soil to see which ones will grow and which ones won’t and we will then know which plant or plants can survive. Do you think the seeds will make it??


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