Experts’ Corner: Learning the Flute

I have been learning the flute since year 5 and currently I am at stage 14. I began lessons with Mr. Reckless after enjoying whole class music lessons. When first learning new notes and pieces, it is quite challenging, so you have to keep persevering until you have mastered it. Au clair de la lune, jingle bells and when the saints go marching in are a few recognisable tunes I learned early on. After playing the flute for almost a year, I decided to join band at the start of year 6.

Band sometimes plays in mass, which is enjoyable as there are many other instruments playing together. As musical evening is coming up, we have been practising Hallelujah and Beauty and the Beast. These pieces are quite difficult and require lots of practice, however, it is good to play tunes that you know and when you play it for the first time, it is an achievement. I really enjoy playing the flute and will definitely carry it on into secondary school.

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