Shadow Puppetry: Year 5 Instructions Homework

Year 5, the Tudors loved puppetry and so, our Design and Technology task for this term is to make Shadow Puppets!

We are currently working on non-fiction writing in English, so you will also be working on a non-fiction piece of writing for your homework. Your homework challenge is to write a set of instructions explaining ‘How to Make Shadow Puppets.’

Your instructions should include:

Instructions should include:

  • A title (How to…)
  • An introduction sentence to encourage people to follow your instructions.

These instructions will allow you to make a sensational shadow puppet to share with your friends.


By following these instructions you will be able to make shadow puppets, keeping yourself entertained for hours.

  • A list of what you will need to carry out the task. (Equipment) You may choose to use numbers or bullet points to list these. Start a new line for each new item.
  • A method. Tell the reader what they have got to do to complete the task. Start a new line for each instruction. You may want to use numbered steps. Make sure that the steps are in the correct order and that the sentences are short and precise.
  • Imperative verbs (bossy verbs) e.g. get, put, make, find, go, wipe.
  • Conjunctions to show the order in which things happen e.g. first, after, then, next, finally.
  • Adverbs for clarity (to make your instructions more clear) e.g. slowly, carefully, gently.
  • You may also want to add pictures to make your instructions more clear.

Watch the video below and make notes which will help you to write your instructions.

Whilst writing your instructions, I’m sure your brains will be buzzing with ideas as to what Tudor puppet you will want to make! Note down any ideas you have!

This homework is due in on the 14th November 2017.

Good luck, I can’t wait to see what you produce.

Miss Cotter








  1. I am really looking forward to this homework it is going to be so fun. I am so excited to be making shadow puppets in class. Thank you Miss Cotter for setting us the best and most fun homework ever!

    • You’re very welcome, I am very excited and intrigued to see what designs you will all come up with.

  2. I can not wait to do th S in school, just making instructions is exciting. Thank you so much thinking about making shadow puppets. The video gave me lots of notes to put down.

  3. Thank you Miss Cotter this instruction homework was very fun I hope I impressed you with my homework and when we make the real shadow puppets I will be so excited to.

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