Fabulous Football


My name is Benjith Jils and I enjoy playing football, because it can make you fit and it is also good for your leg strength. Football is my favourite sport because it is enjoyable to watch and it’s amazing to play.

Here are some tips to play football

  • First of all, you have to get a ball then dribble it with your leg so kick the ball side to side.
  • How to score a goal, if you are trying to score a goal you need to make sure there is not that many people in front of you and score to the side that the goalkeeper is not at.
  • If you want to pass to someone you need to kick it by the side of your leg and if you want to shoot you want need to kick it on the laces.
  • If you want to play as a goalkeeper you must look at the ball all the time and you must save it because if you don’t it will be a goal for the other team.


I hope you know how to play football.




  1. I like to play football because it is good for your fitness and health and it also helps with your passing and skills and other things in football and football is good for you because it helps with you legs and arms so it is really good exsisise.

  2. Football seems enjoyable and I am probably going to try it out soon. I noticed that it helps with teamwork and is also good for your fitness and health.

  3. Football is so much fun! I’m really glad there are lots of people who enjoy doing this and congratulations BRW Football Team for winning a match on Thursday.

  4. Thank you Benjith for sharing information with us. Matty I definitely agree that football is a great sport and it does help with your fitness and health. Football is also a very popular sport. Benjith I really enjoyed reading your blog you put up a good effort.

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